The Art of Crafting in Stone

Carving with Power

Stone Art

Many of the hardest stones cannot be carved by hand unless the artist has an unlimited time to create their project, and this is seldom the case. There are many different ways to carve with hand tools, and there are also ways to use power. Some power tools are simply powered by electricity, and they can be held in the hands of the artist. These include power drills, shop and commercial saws and even jackhammers.

Large stone carving creations may require even more power than electrically driven tools can provide, so dynamite is also a tool for rock carvers. An exceedingly dangerous material, each step must be planned and checked before it is set off. The artist will generally use small charges, and they are planted into holes drilled into the rock. When the dust clears, the artist will then be able to see if they have sheared off enough rock to move ahead with completing their project.