The Art of Crafting in Stone

Collecting Stones With Your Children

Stone Art

Children are often fascinated by the ancient world of man, and one way to help them connect it is to set them on the path of creating their own collection. In many areas of the world, there are left over pieces of carved stone that can be found. Arrowheads and even carving stones were often left behind by ancient people, so they are a good place for children to learn about their ancestors. Even if they only find one or two pieces, it can spur their imagination on the road to discovery and learning.

Ancient man had a need to hunt, and many civilizations discovered how to use bows and arrows or spears. In many areas, easy to find and work metals were rare. Working to shape stones for use in hunting was a craft practiced by artisans who had perfected their abilities, and they passed them on to their own children. Discards were left wherever they worked, but even the successful pieces could eventually be lost during an exciting hunt. These are the pieces children can find lying on the ground in any area that once held an ancient tribe.

Collecting these ancient carved pieces can be a doorway into a child’s imagination, but it can also cause them to seek more information. In this way, they will be able to experience the joy of learning without the need for tests or a classroom. They will find their own research will lead them further down the path of knowledge, and their parents will be spared the burden of forcing them to study.

Not all children will find ancient pieces of rock interesting, but those who do may find a lifetime of enjoyment in their collecting. It can lead them to learn how to research the people who might have inhabited the area in ancient times, but it can also be a wonderful way for them to create a connection to the past.